The World's Most Pathetic Arena

Really when is it gonna stop?  When is all the nonsense about "The World's Most Famous Arena" and it being such a privilege to play for the Knicks going to end?

They are an utterly hapless franchise.  They had a string of about 8 good years starting in 1992 and have been irrelevant since.  They capitalized on hand-checking and changed the rules for the rest of the league for the rest of time.  (Michael Jordan likely would've averaged 50 a game with today's rules, seriously.)  They haven't won a title in almost 40 years.  They've had 1 Hall of Fame caliber player in the last 25 years.  Yet we always have to hear about how MSG is such an amazing place to play.  And how basketball is NYC's game.

Get real.  No good players come out of NYC anymore (who's the best today Ron Artest?).  There have been numerous guys who never sniffed their potential (see Anderson, Kenny; Lopez, Felipe).

With the amount of attention this franchise gets you'd think they'd have the rafters stuffed with as many banners as the Celtics.  Not even close.  Hang your numbers on individual banners.  Hang up some Eastern Conference Championship banners to take up some space.  You're a truly pathetic franchise and should have the relevancy of the Sacramento Kings.

tb727 10/31/2009 09:00:00 PM Edit
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  1. The Coach says:

    I don't understand what the motivation is behind the hate in this post or why even post this at this point. The Knicks are a joke which is great for the Celtics. As a Celtics fan that lives in NYC it is quite amusing. But to rip on NYC as a whole when it comes to basketball is idiotic.

    MSG has been the home to many wonderful basketball moments that have nothing to do with the Knicks. College basketball has been played at MSG for decades and the atmosphere there is terrific whether it is for the Coaches vs Cancer games early in the season or the Big East Tournament in March.

    Even as the Knicks are bad there is still a great buzz and energy in the building when quality opponents come to town like the Celtics, Lakers, Spurs and Cavs.

    But my real issue is your statement about NYC not producing any good players? Good relevant to who? Hall of Famers?

    Kenny Anderson was a terrific player until he got hurt and then traded time and time again.

    But you really need to do your homework regarding who has come out of New York in the past and how many terrific college players come from NYC and what else goes on basketball wise here before you talk shit about an entire city. From Lew Alcindor to Bernard King to Chris Mullin to Mario Ellie to Ron Artest to Reggie Freeman to Kenny Smith to Rafer Alston to Mike Campbell and even Marbury and Telfair New York has and still produces terrific basketball players. It is also a tight knit community that respects those that came before them and while they compete against each other often in leagues and tournaments they will always get each others backs here in NYC.

    While the Knicks are bad (mainly because of corporate influence) and they clearly don't treat banners like the Celtics do your post ripping on NYC basketball is misguided and unfortunately full of anger.

    Oh yeah, I left out one more gentlemen,
    Arnold "Red" Auerbach is from New York.

  2. tb727 says:

    Every player you mention playing today is mediocre at best. Reggie Freeman? Yeah he played for Rice and then Texas. I played against the guy. Same with Gary Saunders, God Shammgod, Kareem Shabazz, Elton Brand and Ron Artest. You're not the only ball player from the NY area or the only Celtics fan in the NY area.

    Yes good players relevant to Hall of Famers is my point. When's the last Hall of Famer to come out of NYC? It's been a long time. Basketball is NOT NY's game- and it hasn't been forever. Shaq's from Newark. LeBron's from Akron. Tim Duncan's from the Virgin Islands. Where are the great New York players today in that converstion? Please spare me on Artest too.

    You named one Hall of Famer- Abdul-Jabbar. I believe Archibald is a New Yorker too who you failed to mention.

    Bottom line, as someone who's lived his entire life in the NYC area, it's a totally overrated area for basketball. For every Lew Alcindor there's a Jarret Lockhart....

    With all the New Yorkers to choose from, you'd think there be SOME stars in the league. There's not a top 25 player in the league today from NYC. In fact there's a much better German player and Chinese player than there are players from NY. Quite a statement that's not even debatable.

    Tone is misconstrued through writing so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but calling my article "idiotic" or me not doing my "homework" is uncalled for.

  3. The Coach says:

    Your response makes for a much better discussion between us. I was fired up while writing my response, and after returning from a weekend in Philly I was probably acting a bit defensive towards my home. I apologize for the "idiotic" statement.

    Yes, Archibald I definitely left out along with Mark Jackson. Brand and Ben Gordon grew up right outside the city as well. If we are talking Hall of Famers it would be interesting to see which major city has produced the most.

    Lets continue the conversation, definitely in a more positive manner.

    By the way, how good are the Celtics?

    If New York ever had a basketball team this good they would not know what to do with themselves.

    I want blood in Philly tomorrow night...

  4. tb727 says:

    Totally understood Coach, no hard feelings at all. I enjoy your writing and your feedback.

    Celts are looking amazing.

    So what high school did you play at? Somewhere in Long Island? Did you play against Speedy Claxton? I think he's our age and from Hempstead...

  5. The Coach says:

    I played at Bellmore JFK High School on the South Shore. We were a "B" school and had some great success as my teammates and I grew up playing together, by the time senior year rolled around we were a well oiled machine and won our conference which was thrilling.

    We never played Speedy, though I met him recently, good guy.

    Great stuff last night, exactly what I was hoping for. My trip last week to Philly was quite an experience, that place is crazy.

    Where did you grow up playing?

  6. tb727 says:

    I played for Archbishop Stepinac an all-boys Catholic school in White Plains, NY (the same high school as ex Celtic Marty Conlon). We played in the CHSAA B League. The A League Teams were Rice, St Raymonds, LaSalle, Cardinal Hayes- all very tough teams. The B League teams were Mt St Michael, Fordham Prep, Iona Prep. But we played a lot of the A Schools too, normally once a year.

    I didn't start- our guards were both Div 1 level players- but I got some playing time here and there. Beating Elton's team by 20 points my senior season was a lot of fun. He played for Peekskill. Artest and Shamgod from LaSalle smoked us- we lost by 70.

    Interestingly enough, we were supposed to have a summer league game against Mark Blount in the New Rochelle summer league- and he never showed for the game. So fitting lol.

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