New York Sucks

The World's Most Pathetic Arena

Really when is it gonna stop?  When is all the nonsense about "The World's Most Famous Arena" and it being such a privilege to play for the Knicks going to end?

They are an utterly hapless franchise.  They had a string of about 8 good years starting in 1992 and have been irrelevant since.  They capitalized on hand-checking and changed the rules for the rest of the league for the rest of time.  (Michael Jordan likely would've averaged 50 a game with today's rules, seriously.)  They haven't won a title in almost 40 years.  They've had 1 Hall of Fame caliber player in the last 25 years.  Yet we always have to hear about how MSG is such an amazing place to play.  And how basketball is NYC's game.

Get real.  No good players come out of NYC anymore (who's the best today Ron Artest?).  There have been numerous guys who never sniffed their potential (see Anderson, Kenny; Lopez, Felipe).

With the amount of attention this franchise gets you'd think they'd have the rafters stuffed with as many banners as the Celtics.  Not even close.  Hang your numbers on individual banners.  Hang up some Eastern Conference Championship banners to take up some space.  You're a truly pathetic franchise and should have the relevancy of the Sacramento Kings.