Ray Allen finds return visit to the Garden less welcoming

The reception was different this time around.

The video tribute had long ended, the reminiscent vibe was gone, and the nostalgia had clearly left the TD Garden.

Ray Allen didn't receive special treatment from the Celtics fans in his second return to Boston on Monday since signing with the Miami Heat last summer.

He was vehemently booed when he touched the ball, shot the ball, even when he checked out of the game. Then there was the heckling and name-calling that resonated from the stands. Allen's days as a beloved fan favorite in the Garden are over.

"Nobody pulled punches for me today," Allen said following the Heat's 105-103 comeback win. "I heard some pretty brutal things in there in the building today. People really let me know how they felt."

I'll be honest, I don't have the hate for Ray Allen that many Boston fans have, but I definitely don't feel sorry for him if his tender feelings were hurt yesterday. He made his bed by going to the Celtics Eastern Conference rival. He wants nothing more than to beat the Celtics, so he's now the enemy. Sorry Ray that's how things go.

I'm sure once Ray has retired his icy relationship with Boston fans will thaw out and as time goes on he'll find New England more welcoming again (Think Johnny Damon and Roger Clemens). But right now you're no longer "All About 18." You're all about the Celtics not getting 18. Hope you're enjoying your "larger" role averaging by far a career low in minutes per game.