LeBron James on his dunk on Jason Terry "I'm glad it happened to him"

All the Celtics fans that hate LeBron James just got another reason to do so.

The NBA superstar and ESPN darling had a Deandre Jordan on Brandon Knight-type dunk the other night. This one was on the Celtics' Jason Terry. Obviously, the video went viral as everyone around the USA delighted in seeing James destroy Terry in that highlight. Apparently, James enjoyed it very much himself.

Those are some harsh words coming from a player who usually tries to stay away from controversy (except for that one time he had a nationally televised TV show to announce he was breaking Cleveland's collective heart). Terry and James have a history, as JET's Mavericks defeated the Heat two years ago in the NBA Finals. Terry has been known to be quite a trash talker, and I guess he's bothered James quite a few times before. You could tell LeBron enjoyed that dunk because he stared Terry down afterwards, warranting a technical.

Terry had no comment on the dunk, according to Gary Washburn, though he did say he enjoyed knocking down the technical afterwards.

Like I said, the dunk went viral (just google Jason Terry LeBron James) and even got to the point where someone edited Terry's wikipedia page to say that he was murdered. Which, honestly, you have to admit is pretty hilarious. (courtesy USA Today)

Anyway, I honestly have no problem with James saying this stuff. There isn't enough trash talking in the league anymore. If you root for players like Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo and Jason Terry, you have to be in support of that stuff.

Kobe Bryant made a point a couple of months ago (in the MacMullan article) to say that James was always very friendly on the court. The fact LeBron is saying stuff like this means Terry really gets under his skin. I'd have to think that's a good thing.

Oh yeah, and here's the dunk.

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