Kevin McHale wants Heat to extend winning-streak tonight

Don't tell Danny.
As the Heat come into Boston tonight to try and extend their winning streak to 23-games, Celtics all-time great Kevin McHale is showing his former team and teammate Danny Ainge no love. A USA Today article from yesterday quoted McHale on his feelings about seeing the Heat move past Boston, saying:
"I'd kind of like to see the streak go a little bit, because it's so unique," McHale said before the Rockets played Golden State on Sunday night. "It's cool and I think that everybody starts watching the NBA a little bit more. It's good for the league."
That being said, it’s not like he came out and said ‘I want the Heat to beat the Celtics’ but he did imply it. I bet deep down he also kind of would like the C’s to put a halt to the Heat. McHale also had another interesting quote about winning streaks, which the Celtics can relate to:
 "You do get bored a little bit, and you get complacent," McHale said. "You start taking for granted that you're going to win and then you need to lose one or two, and then you need to get refocused and play. That's just what happens.
"It's a grind, the NBA is," he said. "The thing I've always been impressed about with long winning streaks is the fact that you keep your concentration long enough to do it. You win 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 in a row, you go into a bad team, it's this late in the year, that's usually when you stumble." 
In the big-three era it always seemed that they would get on a nice winning streak and then blow it against a bad team, playing down to the competition. So I guess we can take some comfort in the fact that on occasion the old-school Celtics dealt with the same problem. As long as KG plays tonight, I think the Celtics will beat the stupid Heat.

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