Boston Celtics, 2013 Atlantic Division Champs?

Hey Boston Celtics' fans. I hope you enjoyed your St. Patty's Day celebration and are currently sobering up. Here's a food for thought, the Boston Celtics have a chance to be the Atlantic Division champs and have first round home court. My Boy Mark broke down the Nets and Knicks schedule showing us we have a shot.

Yeah, I can't believe it too, but I was looking at the standings and we are only 2 and a half games back of the slumping little brothers, aka New York Knicks and only 3 and a half games back from the second seed. We are only three games back in the loss column to both of those teams. I know insane.

On January 25, we were 20-23, while the Knicks were 26-14, the day after they beat us by 3. We were currently 7 and a half games back. Crazy. The Celtics went one a run and the other teams haven't played their usual ball. We play the Knicks twice and Indiana one more time at home. We have games we should win down the stretch, stressing the WE SHOULD part, in games against the New Orleans Hornets, Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, and the Washington Wizards. While, our toughest opponent, of course, we play the Miami Heat twice, once tonight, and we play the Memphis Grizzlies on the road. Our season is still far from over and we have a chance to start something special with 17 games left to go.

Now, I truly believe we can get the second seed, I truly do. I have never thought the Celtics should be scared of the Knicks or Pacers or even the Nets for that matter. We have beaten all three pretty well and in a seven game series, we could easily beat all of them in 6 games max. With are added ball movement, Jeff Green's rise, and the return of Avery Bradley and our defense, there should only be one team in the East that can take us and we play them tonight. We can easily finish strong at 14-3 and take the 2nd seed while stealing the Atlantic Division Title, with Doc Rivers winning Coach of the Year.

What seed would you like to see the Boston Celtics in? Can we make it to the Eastern Conference Finals? comment below.

By the way, I hope the Lakers lose the rest of their games, tootles!

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