Kevin Garnett, D.J. White and Shavlik Randolph all on team flight to New Orleans (and what it means)

No picture of the three together, so this horrifying creation was the best I could do
According to the Celtics official twitter, every C's player (besides Rondo and Sullinger of course) boarded the flight to N'awlins this afternoon.

The reason this matters is very different for Garnett compared to White and Randolph. Of course KG has been battling both an adductor strain in his thigh, and the flu, so the fact that he was on the flight is a good sign that he'll return tomorrow night.

For White and Randolph, the stakes are much higher. White signed 10-day contracts on both February 28th, and March 10th, meaning that his deal is up tomorrow, and that he'll need to be signed to a full season deal (NBA rules limit players to two 10-day contracts) before tomorrow night's game in order to remain with Boston. According to CSNNE's Jessica Camerato the Celtics will offer White a contract for the rest of the year, and him being on the flight seems to confirm that. Unless he has an off-season home in New Orleans or something - why would the Celts bring a player with them only to let his contract expire before game time?

Randolph is a little different, as he signed his 10-day deals on March 1st, and again on March 11th. That means that the Celtics do not need to make a decision on him until Thursday, after they play in New Orleans. While it is likely that the C's lock Randolph up for the rest of the year as well (I mean honestly..who's out there at this point?), they still have the option of playing him tomorrow night and then parting ways after the game.

So to summarize what their presence on the flight means: KG's going to play, White's going to stay, and Shavlik has to wait one more day. (Poetry, bitches)

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