Dwyane Wade says he hates the Celtics, but with respect

Asked Monday night whether he hates the Boston Celtics more than any other team, Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade initially replied with just one word:
But Wade said his hatred comes with respect.
"No doubt about it. I respect those guys," he said. "I'm sure they respect us as well. There's a respect when you see guys later, but when you play each other it's a dislike."

I used to have a bit of admiration and respect for Wade as a basketball player, as recently as the first round of the 2010 playoffs when he single-handedly kept the Heat from being swept by Boston with a 46 point game 4.  But ever since he teamed up with LeBron I just see him as a whiny self-entitled guy who thinks he's fouled on every play (a behavior he most likely learned from LeBron).  And bending Rondo's elbow the wrong way didn't help his case much either.

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