Jason Terry fires back at Lebron James

A couple days after LeBron's dunk over Terry, LeBron said he was glad it happened to Terry,because "he talks too much". Terry fired back on WEEI.

Jason Terry, transcript via ESPN Boston:
[LeBron] picked his poison. They put him on me to shut me down in the NBA Finals in 2011 and he couldn't get the job done. Hopefully he'll have another chance this year in the Eastern Conference finals -- or wherever we match up -- but I'm telling you right now, I love us, I love the way we're built. We miss [Rajon] Rondo, we miss [Jared] Sullinger, but with this team we have, we have a chance.

"It really doesn't matter [when in the playoffs we face the Heat]. There's no preference," Terry said in an interview Friday on Boston sports radio station WEEI. "But you know at some point, I don't want to say that it's fixed, [but] I think it's going to happen. We are going to see them and it's going to be fireworks."

Even without Rondo, you just KNOW that the Heat would prefer not to have to face the Celtics in the playoffs. You know the Celtics on the other hand are looking forward to it, especially the competitive vets like Terry, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett. Then you have the guys who didn't get to play the Heat in last year's playoffs like Avery Bradley and Jeff Green. Wouldn't be a giant shame if this series doesn't happen.

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