Green Envy: What Warriors Fans said - 3/1

The Celtics came up big with a 94-86 win over Golden State tonight, much to the chagrin of some frustrated fans. Here's what Warriors aficionados had to say about the game.

Line of the Night

Here's my view: it's kind of like analyzing Rush Limbaugh, whether you do from the standpoint of "news" or "entertainment," I think Heinsohn just fails at both.

No Love for Tommy?

ohh and already hate Boston commentators, have not said anything bad yet, but they will... all that yelling and cheesy catch lines...

You can just hear the busted blood vessel for Tommy, he's like 3 "bad" calls away.

man i feel sorry for Boston fans... they might have the worst broadcasters ever....

Wtf these Celtics broadcasters are HORRIBLE. League Pass really needs to give the option of choosing wish broadcast to listen too.

[BLASPHEMER!] As a boston fan just know that we cringe at most of what tommy says also. He's just been there so long that hes riding it out and you just kind of let it go lol.

It's not even what Heinsohn says so much as it is that annoying Boston accent...

Its absolutely what he says. I couldnt care less what kind of accent he has, the **** he's saying is straight up unprofessional.

He's a drunk senile old man... it's the accent that gets me.

Someone please tell the Celtics color guy that he has a microphone in front of him. Dudes acting like a **** fan. Not only is he whining nonstop, hes making **** whiny noises.

I'd love to see how he's like when the Celtics are getting blown out. He'd probably off himself in the middle of the broadcast.

Gotta love Tommy :lol:

Don't Mess with AB

Bradley is an elite defender. Much tougher than Ray Felton lol.

Do these guys even know who A.Bradley is? Why would you play so sloppy against him?
Scouting reports!? Do we have those?! I hear other teams read them... why don't we?

True. I wish Bradley was a Warrior, that perimeter defense is great from him. He's making the guards work very hard and he can shoot as well.

Least Valuable Player - Jarret Jack

Jack is pissing me off. He had Klay wide open next to him and chucks a contested 3.

Jack has gone into chucker mode. Instances where he had open players and took a contested jumper. /sigh

There's games where Jarret Jack acts like a blackhole.

Epic Rebuttal

I wish we had Bogut.

We have Bogut, I reckon you wish he was actually able to play basketball.

Which Lee? (Probably David)

Lee = Soft

Lee is as soft as a cashmere sweater

Landry and Lee are probably the most blocked pair in the league..

gogo Lee, need that double double... don't want to mess up those stats...

Lee puking all over.

I hate Lee. Softest dude in the universe.

Is it just me or is Lee invisible in this game?

Best of The Rest

Warriors should win this game..for crying out loud..there are two starters sitting in WHEELCHAIR - Pierce and Garnett. Those guys are grandfather by now...our team should be making them use oxygen mask.... :lol:

Let's try to keep the turnovers under 20 tonight, yo.

must be great to be NBA star, travel and run into ppl = free throws

Bogut. How much can one guy get injured? It's not even the same injury, the man's body just hates him.

These guys better wake the **** up or else they're gonna find themselves out of a playoff spot very soon.

The Warriors officially have a Problem starting games. In their last 11 games (including this one), they have only outscored their opponent twice in the first quarter, and are being outscored by an average of 6.4 points in the first.

I dont know why we are trying to Festus against garrnet, its not like he will do somthing...

I guess the key to watching Warriors games without going insane is to skip the 1st quarter...

Klay Thompson, please make a fkn shot. He really shouldnt be labeled as a "shooter" anymore.

Coach knows Biedrins has a pulse right?

Ezeli just keeps getting faked

Bradley in foul trouble....YES!

Yes Bradley is out. Time to make them pay.


Pierce is still an elite one on one player. Barnes getting taken to school.

Tommy is the Celtics broadcaster...He's going to be a homer and that's his job. I have zero problem with it. It's comical.

If they could make FT's we'd be royally screwed.

Steph Curry airballing....whoa!

Making Green look like Kobe down the stretch....

Yup this **** is over. These losses are making Laker fans hard.

If we weren't past the deadline, I'd trade our fans bball IQ for any others in the association..

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