Celtics player grades vs Philadelphia 76ers

The Boston Celtics beat the Philadelphia 76ers 109-101
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Player Grades:
Players are graded on a curve

Brandon Bass: 5 Points, 4 Rebounds
Tonight Bass had a middling performance. He didn't play too many minutes (less than 30), and his impact wasn't really noticed. He struggled a bit in terms of not allowing the opponent to rebound, and he made the late 3rd quarter a bit more stressful with a very bad possession where he isolated on the 3-point line. He did not have a good game, but saying he did badly is a bit harsh.

Kevin Garnett: 18 Points, 6 Rebounds
Garnett had a very nice game tonight. He took on a larger-than-normal burden offensively, and was a major part of the great shooting by the team tonight. His defense was also spectacular, including a highlight block on Spencer Hawes in the 4th quarter. His rebounding was a bit off, and he contributed a lot to the turnover struggles of the team, but his play tonight was key.

Paul Pierce: 18 Points, 11 Rebounds, 7 Assists
Pierce gave us another good all-around effort tonight, contributing in several ways. His rebounding was a welcome sight to see with some other players struggling, he spearheaded the excellent 3-point attack, and he did his best to try and make up for his multitude of turnovers by getting others involved. His defense was shaky tonight, but that is just a small blemish on an honest effort.

Courtney Lee:
Struggled a bit offensively tonight, but he did his best to try and make the hustle plays to make up for it. His defense was very noticeable tonight, as he played the passing lanes well and he did his best to be a bulldog on the ball. It was nice to see him step up in other areas after struggling with his shot.

Avery Bradley: 22 Points, 7 Rebounds, 5 Assists
Bradley just had a dominant performance tonight, where he had it all going. He played the part of volume-scorer offensively, scoring a team-high 22 points. Couple that with his nice passing/rebounding AND his excellent defense (he really made Jrue Holiday's life hard tonight), and he looked like the best player out there tonight.

Jeff Green: 16 Points
Jeff had another excellent effort off of the bench tonight. He scored efficiently on a fairly high volume, but his main contribution was toughening up and drawing a plethora of free throws. He was a major reason why the free throw disparity wasn't completely in favor of the 76ers. In fact, he basically outplayed the 76ers bench by himself.

Chris Wilcox: 6 Rebounds
Still isn't getting major minutes, and he struggled finishing tonight, but it was nice to see him be more active defensively and on the boards. His rebounding has noticeably dropped off a lot this season, so efforts like this offer a glimpse of hope of him returning to more reasonable numbers in that department.

Jordan Crawford: 12 Points
Crawford basically had a Barbosa-like night, and he really gave us a big boost offensively. He shot the 3-ball well, he pushed the ball in transition, and he even made some nice passes (if only a few). A very good effort from the young guy, and a possible glimpse of what he could give us down the stretch.

Jason Terry: 9 Points, 6 Assists
He wasn't a huge part of the offense tonight,but he tried to make the most of what he got. It is nice knowing we have a former 6th man of the year that sometimes gets shut out a bit offensively because so many other guys are on.

Terrence Williams:
Seems to be losing his spot in the rotation with Crawford coming on so strongly. A very interesting situation to watch.

Boston Celtics: 109 Points, 49 Rebounds, 34 Assists
Boston played a pretty great game tonight, turnover issues aside. They completely locked down the 76ers defensively, taking away everything from shots at the rim to 3-pointers. They also were amazing offensively, getting a ton of open looks from a lot of ball movement. So many times a guy made one more pass than necessary, but it still resulted in a good shot. If it wasn't for the Celtics shooting themselves in the foot with careless turnovers, this would have been a blowout. The Celtics take on the Indiana Pacers tomorrow, as the 2nd night of a back to back.

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