Celtics player grades vs Charlotte Bobcats

The Charlotte Bobcats ran past the Celtics 100-74

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Player Grades:
Players are graded on a curve

Kevin Garnett: 5 Points, 2 Rebounds
KG struggled mightily today in all aspects of the game, and Doc did the right thing by benching him early. His jumper was not as crisp as usual, and he could not hit anything in the paint. It was his worst game in a while, and he certainly didn't help tonight.

Jeff Green: 14 Points, 3 Rebounds
Jeff did a nice job drawing free throws tonight, getting almost half of his points from the line. But in everything else, he was invisible. He didn't rebound well, his defense was shaky, and his shot selection wasn't exactly great. I wouldn't exactly say he had a bad game, but it wasn't enough.

Brandon Bass: 10 Points, 7 Rebounds
Bass was one of the few players tonight who played well. He made the most of his shots, he rebounded, and he valued the ball. But his defense was really poor and he really made some poor decisions on the court, but he probably should have played more. He would have helped more than some of the other guys who got minutes.

Avery Bradley: 10 Points, 4 Rebounds
Avery joined the rest of the team by struggling with his shot, although he did hit 2 3-pointers. His defense was mostly solid, as Henderson went off on Lee instead of him. I wish Doc put him on Henderson more, but that is not on Avery. Decent game from him.

Courtney Lee: 6 Points, 4 Assists
Anything good he did offensively tonight is washed away by the defense he played tonight.

D.J White: 3 Points, 4 Rebounds
Played with some effort during his few minutes, but wasn't much of a factor.

Shavlik Randolph: 4 Points, 4 Rebounds
The boxscore doesn't say it, but he was one of the main reasons we lost the game. Constant fouls, poor decisions with the ball, and there was one stretch where he constantly kept getting pushed around for offensive rebounds. I don't know whether or not it is fair to criticize a 15th man so much, but he was absolutely terrible today.

Chris Wilcox:
10 minutes of a whole lot of nothing.

Jordan Crawford: 14 Points
His defense may have been poor, but he was also aggressive and kept playing to win. He did a decent job offensively, but his impact was lesser than the points would say.

Terrence Williams:
If he was trying to play himself back into Doc's rotation, tonight didn't help.

Jason Terry: 5 Points, 4 Assists
I really wish he tried to assert himself offensively against such a bad team. Some veteran leadership from him would have been nice tonight, but none came.

Boston Celtics: 74 Points, 29 Rebounds, 15 Assists
A total beatdown by the least talented team in the NBA. This one was annoying. The team struggled mightily offensively, missing any real competent playmaker. They were outhustled everywhere on the court, espcially on the boards. The Bobcats destroyed them in that department. The defense was shaky, and they let them waltz into the paint at will.

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