Who are the Celtics right now? Can they win in the playoffs?

It's hard to say where these guys are heading.
I have no idea what to make of this team at the moment.  Through the first half of the season Boston lost a lot of games to opponents with inferior talent.  I remember thinking on many occasions that the C's couldn't beat any quick young teams, regardless of how bad their players were.  However, my outlook remained positive because the postseason is a whole different animal.  The game slows down, every team plays defense, and veteran superstars take over.  This season's underachieving Celtics were still a team of battle tested warriors capable of making a playoff run.

Now the tables have completely turned.  The Boston squad we saw earn their largest margin of victory of the season (on the road against a Western Conference opponent, their first of the year no less) yesterday was exactly the type of team that the Celtics used to fall to; a bunch of average and no name players winning by simply running and out-hustling the opposition.

Against Phoenix Terrence Williams appeared to be the best point guard on the roster.  Three weeks ago he was playing in China.  Jordan Crawford seems like he might have the most talent and scoring ability out of the entire Boston backcourt, so why were the Wizards so eager to give him away for practically nothing?  Jeff Green did an impersonation of former teammate Kevin Durant last night, but will we ever see that again?

Should Green start?  And if so, for who?  All of a sudden Boston has too many guards again, 1-5 a case can be made that they are all deserving of significant minutes.  Is super-small ball the best way to go?  We have 27 more games to figure all this out, and it looks like the process is going to be very entertaining.  While I remain cautiously optimistic, I'm definitely concerned about this team's ability to win in the postseason.

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