Start Jeff Green Please

Choose me to start.

Start my boy Jeff Green, come'on Boston Celtics. I been hard on the guy all season long, but now, I jumped onto his bandwagon (if he has one).

Nothing against Double B, I like him but I think it is time for a change, and the change is to start Jeff Green at the 4. I know we have been playing better have late, but I think one reason why is because we have extended Jeff Green's minutes due to all the injuries. We should start him because:

1. Double B hasn't played up to his performance last season. It could be because last year was his contract year or this year he does not have a significant role. Earlier in the year I vouched that Doc should start Sullinger over him and now I think Jeff Green should start over him. His defense isn't the same as it was last year and I still think he is a good bench player for a contending team, not a starter.

2. I know Jeff Green isn't great at anything but just good at plenty of things, and I am fine with that. Did you see his performance against the Suns? That is what we all wished for when we signed him to that terrible contract. Here is his chance to prove the doubters, including myself, that he is warranted that contract. He has had an up and down season, but don't forget, he is one year removed of heart surgery.

3. He has great play-making ability, he can stretch the floor. He has shot the three ball at a consistent rate and has played better defense. The Power Forwards' in today's game are just over-sized Small Forwards. With players like Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Rudy Gay playing a lot of the power forward position, especially late in the games, we should have Jeff Green out there for his versatility.

Finally, I know Doc usually has had him play 30 minutes per game since Rondo went down, but I think added minutes and giving him the ball more to make plays will make the Boston Celtics more dynamic and will finally show more improvement on offense. Look at his games logs since Rondo got hurt, (Jan. 27 2013). Haven't you seen those crazy dunks he has had all season? The guy is a monster.

Start Jeff Green! You won't be sorry Boston Celtics!

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