Should the Celtics trade Garnett for Howard?

With Celtics and Lakers tonight, it seems like the perfect time to get a little crazy and let me preface this by saying that KG has been one of my favorite players of all time. He came here and changed everything, and I love him for it. Now, I know this going to sound like blasphemy and I should probably trade in my KG jersey after writing this but wouldn’t a trade flipping KG for Dwight Howard kind of make sense? Maybe a little bit? I know it can’t be a one for one trade but if you threw in Jeff Green or package of players, the numbers match up per the ESPN Trade Machine.

What do the Lakers need? An unselfish big man who brings toughness and a winning attitude.

What do the Celtics need? Pieces for the future that could play well with Rondo.

I love the way this team is playing with energy and solid defense, which kind of shows how maybe we're overvaluing Rondo a little too much. But let’s be serious here there’s no way we can win an NBA title this season, all hopes of that snapped with Rondo’s ACL. Who’s to say Pierce and Garnett don’t retire next year and leave us as a legit lottery team? So I think it makes sense for Ainge to try and build a team around Rondo and Howard. There’s no guarantee Howard would resign here but maybe Doc can help convince him, plus the fact we can pay him more than anyone else should be in our favor. I’m choosing to ignore the fact that Howard is an absolute clown and only cares about being liked because I feel like with Doc and Rondo the winning attitude might rub off.

Pick and roll basketball between Rondo and Howard would be unbelievable, never mind the alley-oops. Howard is only 27, and you can tell the way he’s playing this year that he’s not fully recovered from back surgery or he’s unhappy being third fiddle in LA LA Land. Remember like 2 or 3 years ago when he was the most dominant big man in the NBA when he averaged 20 and 10 a game with little to no help? I think he could get back to that level, and playing with Rondo would definitely help that. Jameer Nelson and Hidayet Türkoğlu are good players, but not in the same stratosphere as Rondo. Combine that with the core we’ll have left after the trade, and I think we could have a legit team.

I puked a little bit when I saw this.
It’s reported that Garnett would only waive his no trade clause to go to LA, he lives in Malibu… so why not?? If we traded Garnett and change for Howard, and also moved Pierce for some young talent we could definitely be on the right road to being a good team if not contending again. If I was Danny I would strongly consider it, a core of Rondo, Bradley, Howard, and Bass sounds very appetizing. I think that if we stand pat with the current roster and play out the year we will be in the lottery within the next few years.

I feel like there are only two major downfalls to this situation:
1) Howard doesn’t resign and we’re screwed
2) He’s an absolute clown and doesn’t care about winning

Both seem like upsides to me over watching an old KG and Pierce get knocked out of the 2nd round this year and 1st round next year, or watching KG and Pierce retire simultaneously and being left with a Rondo-led lottery team. Maybe I’m just being a pessimist or being dumb but I think it would be a smart move by Ainge over watching this house of cards crumble with old age. My heart is telling me no! But my brain is telling me yes! So I don't know... Blast me, praise me or argue with me in the comments, I would love discuss.

Also one last thing... BEAT LA

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