Celtics Player Grades vs Toronto Raptors

The Boston Celtics beat the Toronto Raptors 99-95

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Player Grades:
I grade on a curve!

Kevin Garnett: 27 Points, 10 Rebounds
Kevin Garnett dominated the Toronto Raptors tonight. He hit shots from all over the floor, and made some particularly clutch plays down the stretch. His rebounding was also good to see, as he had some renewed energy tonight. The "Garnett-Anybody" pick and pop is still one of the most effective plays in the playbook.

Brandon Bass: 10 Points, 3 Rebounds
Bass continued to play with energy tonight and made his mark on the offensive end. He had a particularly good stretch in the second quarter, where he helped fend off a small Toronto run. A little more rebounding would have been nice but a satisfactory night for Brandon in my eyes.

 Paul Pierce: 12 Points, 11 Rebounds, 6 Assists
The Captain had an up-and-down game tonight. He rebounded very well, made some nice passes, and did a decent job keeping his turnovers down. But he shot terribly (2-11, had some very lazy shot selection, and his defense was not very good. He had his good and his bad, but it is hard to give him a great grade despite the nice statline.

Avery Bradley: 11 Points
Bradley did a nice job offensively tonight, chipping in 11 points. His defense wasn't as stellar as usual, but he bounced back decently from his poor showing against the Clippers.

Courtney Lee: 15 Points
Courtney Lee had a very good game offensively tonight. He was very aggressive, which got him his points despite his jumpshot being off. His penetration was very skilled. The aggression was nice, but Lee's defense has slipped lately. He gambles more and more as the season goes on. A troubling sign, but nothing major yet.

Jeff Green: 8 Points, 6 Rebounds
Green grabbed 6 rebounds? Say it ain't so! Jeff had a good game tonight, even with his poor shooting. He rebounded, drew free throws, and made good decisions with the ball. Even if it wasn't a big scoring night, he still continued his recent strong play.

Jason Terry:
Had a completely ineffective game tonight, and nearly lost the game for the team in the third quarter with his uninspired play. During the stretch where the Raptors came back to take the lead, he made lazy passes and played horrific defense. A very disappointing performance.

Leandro Barbosa: 14 Points
Barbosa did his thing tonight, which was to heat up and get us out of a hole. He really gave the team a spark, and made some big plays in the fourth quarter. Barbosa has given us so much more than we expected this season, and tonight was no exception.

Boston Celtics: 99 Points, 41 Rebounds, 21 Assists
Boston had a close game today, with some good and some ugly rearing its head. The Celtics shot poorly from 3, but they shot well from inside the arc. They were aggressive and did an excellent job drawing free throws. They did a decent job not turning the ball over. Their defense wasn't great, but Toronto missed a lot of shots. The Celtics gave the Raptors too many possessions, and got beat on the boards. The Celtics also continued their scoring off of turnovers, which was crucial. Overall it was a decent win, but it has to be remembered just how bad Toronto is. The Celtics next play tomorrow (02/07/13), at home, against the Los Angeles Lakers.

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