New commenting policy

We've always been very lenient about comment moderation on this site. We feel like it's not our job to be your mother. That said, I've been disappointed with the increasing quantity of youtube-like comments on the site. People just commenting to be dicks and to attack writers if they don't like their opinions. People that are into shooting the messenger if they don't like the message. Everyone should be free to have their own opinion. If you don't like it, then fine either don't reply or reply without name calling or being an asshole.

It's pretty simple really. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. There are places where assholes are free to run wild, but that's not what we want here. We want solid discussion in the comments section by Celtics fans.

What you will not be banned for: You will not be banned for stating your opinion, no matter how out there it is. You can say Jason Collins should be the MVP of the league or that the Celtics should trade Rondo for some back up point guard. You can say that the Celtics will win the next 5 titles or you can say you expect them to lose the next 5 games. You can say Paul Pierce is the best player ever or he sucks. Again say what you like as long as you're not trolling or attacking people.

What you will be banned for: Our writers bust their ass. If you want to disagree with them, that's fine. But if you decide to resort to name calling or overall being an asshole to them, then you're not the type of commenter we want on the site. The site was built to give many different voices their say. Debate, discuss, cheer, engage, have fun. All that stuff is cool. This playground bullshit though needs to stop. No warnings. Act like a dick to writers or commenters and get banned.

Celtics Life is a great place, but this was long overdue. Danny and Doc made the decision to rid the Celtics of knuckleheads last season. It's time for us to do the same. The obnoxious minority of douche bags is making too much noise (Plus I know that some are simply trolls with the singular goal of trolling the site). The majority of readers are good people and I'd prefer for their voices not to be drowned out. We're constantly striving to make Celtics Life better and we appreciate the 95% of fans that come on here that aren't here to simply be obnoxious. Hopefully this will make things more enjoyable for you. If people have any suggestions, feel free to comment below.