Did Danny Ainge make right moves with new additions?

In anticipation of Rajon Rondo's healthy return next year, Celtic management has quietly added youth and athleticism to its roster.

At the trade deadline, some Celtics fans were clamoring for GM Danny Ainge to get rid of some of the older vets like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and ship in younger legs. However, he remained patient and prepared for the inevitable period when both Pierce and Garnett would no longer lace them up for the green. The Los Angeles Lakers should serve as a lesson that the hurried approach is not always the best. Despite adding big name players Steve Nash and Dwight Howard in the off-season, they are still struggling to knock off the Houston Rockets or Utah Jazz for a playoff spot in the West.

The Celtics' future for this season consists of Jeff Green, Jordan Crawford, and Terrence Williams. All of whom are not dependable rebounders. They have a tendency to not box-out or leak-out on the break. In comes D.J. White on a 10-day contract, who we should all hope sticks around.

The addition of White could allow Doc Rivers to shift Green to his natural position. which is a power three (a la LeBron James). Green is not James, but his ability to be just as fluid as James gives the team an added dimension.

White gives the Celtics an added bonus when paired with Chris Wilcox in the front-court. Doc can run the same sets he runs for Pierce with Uncle Jeff at the three. This also provides more much needed rest for the aging stars Garnett and Pierce as the team heads toward the stretch run.

The Celtics have until Friday to integrate Terrence Williams, Jordan Crawford and a much needed big body in D.J. White. White impressed me when the Bobcats beat Boston in Charlotte last year. Wearing a Bobcats uniform, he displayed his mid-range jumper and a nose for the ball. If he can duplicate that type of effort in this 10-day tryout, and familiarize himself with Doc's defensive sets, he could give the C's some much needed paint support for KG.

While this is all conjecture, it can become Boston's new reality. The newcomers must be able to accept Doc's coaching, learn to hold their own at the table of the 'hound of defense' Kevin Garnett and know their place in the Celtics' locker room. One of the new players has to make their mark and make it in a hurry.

There are quiet whispers that it will be Jordan Crawford who does just that, if only because he has guaranteed money. This leaves Williams and White to make theirs before Danny finds another player he likes.