KG says he understand the business and Ainge's job

KG via ESPN:
Danny, since Day 1, even when Ray (Allen) was here, the first day we got there he always told us he would do whatever he had to do to make the team better. He wouldn't put guys above the team. That was the foundation and we all understood that, never had a problem with it. I've always told him where I was as far as being a Celtic. My expectations were not to come back to be traded. We both understand that, but this is a business and you have to understand that.

"It's my preference (that) I will retire a Celtic and be buried in green and that's where it stands. As far as the organization, where they feel they want to go, their visions for the future, I can't speak on that. You have to ask them that. For right now, this is what it is. If it changes, I'll have to deal with that."

It's a bit odd that Kevin Garnett talks about the business of the NBA and that since day 1 that Danny let the Big 3 know he would do what's in the best interest of the team and not any individual player. I mean Garnett has nothing to worry about. He has a no-trade clause. His future is 100% up to him. It's still good to see that Garnett respects the position Ainge is in. The NBA is a business. Players try to maximize the dollars they can make in their careers (The Big Ticket has made more than any player in history).

Teams know that winning brings in the dollars. They can't get too sentimental. I'm sure Ainge is well aware that many fans want KG and Pierce to retire as Celtics. And he's aware that trading them would bring a tremendous amount of heat on him. But he's also well aware than in a couple years (when they are gone) if the team isn't doing well, fan interest will wane. Ticket sales will go down. The value of the franchise will go down. See, you can't beat father time. There will be a time soon when KG and Pierce are retired. It's Ainge's job to worry about that team as well.

I still believe that it will be too complicated for Ainge to pull off these deals and that next weekend Pierce and KG are still Celtics. Fans will be happy and Ainge will say he never seriously tried to shop them. But if something does happen, the principles will all understand why. They've been around long enough to understand the business.