Danny Ainge explains why the Rondo-less C's are good

Can it really be that easy?
Danny Ainge sat down with Jackie MacMullan (who's just killing it lately, example A and B) for an ESPN Boston article discussing the surprisingly red hot Celtics.  Here's Ainge's explanation for why he thinks the offense has been so good sans Rondo:

"We are different without him. We're running better now because five guys are running. Honestly, I think we rely on Rondo too much. For example, with Rondo out you see Jeff Green grab a rebound and push it up the court himself. If he gets a rebound when Rondo is playing, he just gives it to him. That's not Rondo's fault. It's only because he's a great player and guys see him in that role."

While it's a very simple rational, I think it's 100% accurate.  It was at the Sacramento game last week (game two of the streak) that I first noticed the ball was moving up the court much faster without a point guard.  Rather than grab the rebound and look for Rondo, the outlet passes were going to the first open man.  I can't believe how obvious this is, but for now it's working like magic.

Ainge also offered an opinion of why this doesn't have to change once Rondo returns:

"So, when Jeff Green gets the rebound, Rondo has to take off down the court in that situation. Then Jeff can take two dribbles and hit Rondo. Now you see Rondo attack the basket in the open court. He is unguardable in those situations."

Again simple, but true.

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