Celtics at Raptors: Three things to watch for

The (depleted & revived) Boston Celtics visit a divisional foe tonight in Toronto in what may look like an easy win for the gang in Green (on paper), but the Raptors may have something to say about that. Here are my three quick keys for the C's to add win number 5 to their current streak of success. 

1. Ball Movement - Ever since the Celtics lost their (and the NBA's) assists leader, the team has surprisingly moved the ball extremely well, if not better than they have all season. The Captain has averaged just under 7APG in the past 4 games, about 3 more than his season average. The more the ball moves, the easier the buckets come.

2. Defense - This is a key to any win, no matter who the opponent may be. The Celtics have slipped from being one of the best defensive teams, to just being a good/solid defensive team. Still, Kevin Garnett is on our side, along with our "new" hounding-defensive-backcourt in Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee. They (and Pierce/Green) will have their hands full tonight, having to defend two uber athletic players - Rudy Gay and Demar Derozan. The perennial All Star, Rudy Gay, has averaged 25 points on 49% shooting from the field in his few games so far with the Raptors. No doubt he and Pierce will be the match-up of the evening.                
3. Pedal to the Metal - Yeah it's corny, whatever. The C's obviously have a chance to make this one a blowout W (Kings, Clippers, anyone?) but they can't take their foot off the gas if they do so. The Los Angeles Lakers will be in Beantown tomorrow evening, so the Celtics should take this opportunity to rest Pierce, Garnett, and Terry as much as possible for Kobe and Co. on Thursday night. 

Gametime - 7:00 P.M. ET 

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