Celtics player grades vs Phoenix Suns

The Boston Celtics beat the Phoenix Suns 113-88
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Player Grades:
Players are graded on a curve

Brandon Bass: 6 Points, 6 Rebounds
He didn't blow up offensively like most of the other players on the team, but he did put in some effort on the boards. It was a quiet game compared to everyone else tonight.

Jeff Green: 31 Points, 7 Rebounds, 5 Blocks
Jeff Green had it all going on tonight. His jumper was on, he got wide open layups, he had his way in transition, and he aggressively got to the line. He was a complete matchup nightmare for Pheonix's power forwards. But his impact went past his scoring today. He rebounded well, made smart passes, and was everywhere defensively. His athleticism was on full show tonight. This is easily in the conversation for Green's best game in green, and he really beat up a bad team tonight.

Paul Pierce: 8 Points, 5 Rebounds
The Captain had a quiet game tonight, not having to do much with the rest of the team throwing most of the punches. He still managed to contribute with few touches and a small injury scare.

Avery Bradley: 13 Points
Avery had a good game offensively, but his defense was the star tonight. His on-ball pressure really made life miserable for the Phoenix guards, and he was active in the passing lanes.

Courtney Lee: 8 Points, 5 Rebounds
Courtney struggled with his shot tonight, but he still played with hustle and toughness. His defense was noticeably better than the past few games, and his skills as a set-up man keep improving as the season goes on.

Chris Wilcox: 14 Points, 8 Rebounds
Wilcox exploded tonight. Ever since he returned from injury, he had been getting few minutes and doing little with them. But tonight, even though he only got 20 minutes, he managed to really fill up the boxscore and make some highlight plays. With the Celtics frontcourt depth becoming questionable, Wilcox has a legitimate opportunity to get back a larger role.

Terrence Williams: 9 Points
Terrence chipped in a few efficient points, but his passing and decision-making were what really impressed. He seemed like the most talented playmaker out on the court tonight. His potential is tantalizing, and if he avoid the off-court troubles that have plagued his career thus far , he could really help this team this season and possibly beyond.

Fab Melo:
He managed to chip in 2 minutes.

Jordan Crawford: 10 Points
Crawford started off his Celtic career well, filling in nicely for Barbosa. He scored a bunch in a few minutes, and not inefficiently. But considering what we gave up, having him simply eat up minutes is a win.

Jason Terry: 13 Points
Terry joined Pierce in being quiet tonight, getting only a few shots but making the most of them. Terry could really do well in a smaller role off of the bench.

Boston Celtics: 113 Points, 45 Rebounds, 19 Assists
A lot of good words can be thrown around about the Celtics tonight, but the fact is that the Celtics came out playing well and the Suns never honestly threatened. The score was somewhat close until the Celtics completely blew it open in the fourth quarter, but the Suns just played terribly for most of the night. The Celtics did their jobs by beating the crap out of a terrible team, but most of the things that happened tonight should be taken with a grain of salt. A thing to watch for is that the new additions to the Celtics could help kickstart the anemic 3-point production of the team. Williams is actually a terrible 3-point shooter so I don't have any faith in him, but Crawford was shooting decently from deep this season. If he keeps it up, he could really fill an important role for the team.

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