Bobcats snap Celtics 7 game winning streak 94-91

The Boston Celtics and Charlotte Bobcats battled it out at the Time Warner Cable Center in a back and forth game all night. The Bobcats also happened to snap their own streak tonight, a 7 game losing streak. The second game of a back to back has always been a killer for the Celtics, never mind when it’s a triple overtime game.

This was your classic old, tired basketball team playing down to the level of a bad, young team. As we expected the game plan to be, Pierce and Garnett got a lot of rest tonight coming off big minutes last night. The offense continued to be more fluid without Rondo, the ball flowed free to the open man consistently. The Celtics lack of size inside was on display as the Bobcats pretty much got to the rim at will. But the wily veterans hung in the game, relying on the bench till the end when it came down to the final few possessions. The Celtics had a few chances to tie/take the lead down the stretch but missed some wide open looks.

The Bobcats should change their name to the Charlotte Byron Mullins, he played out of his mind dropping 25 points and grabbing 18 rebounds. He showed significant hustle crashing the offensive glass, and showing a really nice mix of an inside/outside game. I expected to see more of an offensive show by Kemba Walker but the Game Changer made his night difficult. He still managed to show some flashes of what he did down in Storrs, CT scoring 18 points, grabbing 6 rebounds and dishing 6 assists.

Jeff Green continued his hot streak in February by scoring 18 points, and was the focal point of the offense for a majority of the game. #8 seemed to find himself in mismatches all night with either guys too slow to cover him, or smaller guys he could just post up. In limited minutes Pierce continued to play efficient point-forward, dropping 13 and dishing 8 assists. The Celtics also used Fab Melo to the best of his ability in the 3rd quarter by carrying Leandro Barbosa back to the locker room after he appeared to hurt his right leg/knee, I’m glad Melo managed to remember to duck through the doorway. The Celtics look to get back on track against the Bulls on Wednesday.

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