[Update] Leandro Barbosa out for year

[Update] At this point, losing Barbosa counts as a major injury. The Celtics once deep backcourt is now paper thin - with only Avery Bradley, Courtney Lee and Jason Terry left standing. You think Keyon Dooling will reconsider that comeback?

Barbosa went down in the second half. It was not a contact injury, which often times can be even worse. Barbosa simply planted awkwardly, it looked like maybe a knee injury and I swear I heard him yell, "my knee!" as he writhed in pain on the court. Trainer Eddie Lacerte and rookie Fab Melo had to carry him into the locker room as Barbosa could put no pressure on it.

Based on the way it looked, this wasn't surprising...

Not exactly what the Celtics need at this point. More updates to come.