Rondo's planning on getting 2nd opinion on injured knee

Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo will get a second opinion within days on his torn right ACL injury.

And that second opinion may come from arguably the best in the business - famed orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews.

"He (Dr. Andrews) is one that we're definitely considering," Rondo's agent Bill Duffy, told "If he's No. 1, there's a couple 1As and 1Bs we're looking at as well."

Duffy said the second opinion on Rondo's knee will not be made for at least another four or five days in order to allow the swelling to go down.

In addition, Duffy said they are in the process of setting up meetings with other athletes who have had similar injuries.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is among those that Rondo's camp hopes to speak with very soon.

I definitely don't blame Rondo for wanting a 2nd opinion. I highly doubt he's getting it because he doesn't think his ACL is torn (though maybe he's such a competitor or stubborn that he's hoping a doctor will tell him that he can play on it. No doctor will and the Celtics wouldn't allow it anyway). My guess is he's simply doctor shopping. Rondo and his agent want to make the sure they get the very best surgeon. When you're talking someone's livelihood, can you blame them?

It's also important for Rondo to get the surgery that will enable him to comeback as good as ever. Some athletes have gotten knee surgeries that brought them back sooner, but were much worse for them long term. Hopefully fans are patient. Better to wait a few more months for a 100% Rondo than end up with a 70% version.