Rondo's injury may signal end of Big Three Era

With Rajon Rondo done for the year, several who cover the NBA have predicted that this is the end of the Big Three Era in Boston.

As sad as it is to think about, they may be right. This team came in to Sunday with a 20-23 record and in the eighth playoff spot with Rondo. Their championship chances were slim already and without Rondo they are officially dead in the water.

The Celtics are right at the threshold of the salary cap and if they aren't competing for a ring then moves have to be made to cut salary and look to the future.

Pierce looks to be the most likely shipped out of town. He still has value for teams needing a wing scorer (Lakers seem likely, as crazy as that sounds). Garnett has a no-trade clause and his value is very limited since his minutes need to be watched so closely.

But who knows, if Pierce is dealt, maybe KG gives up on this team too. It's not in his nature, but at this point in his career he is not going to want to hear the word "rebuild."

Who the Celtics would get back for any trade also took a major hit with the results of Rondo's MRI. Danny Ainge is now in the position no general manager wants to be in, he's desperate and everyone else knows it. If trading Pierce or Garnett or Terry was going to bring back pennies on the dollar on Saturday, who do you think they could possibly bring in now?

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