Pros and Cons of acquiring Delonte West

If Danny pulls the trigger and acquires Delonte it would almost be “Belichick-ian” with such a low risk, high reward move. Delonte is currently playing for the Dallas Mavericks D-league affiliate, but Mark Cuban came out a few days ago and said that there is no chance he’ll get called up to the Mavericks. So hypothetically it wouldn’t take much to get him, unless the Mavericks see that the Celtics have no leverage and try and pull some BS. To look at this move impartially, I decided to break it down with pros and cons.
  • Low cost to acquire him 
  • He’s a smart veteran, who knows Doc’s system 
  • Delonte had the best years of his career playing for Doc Rivers, both statistically and not getting arrested-ly 
  • He plays hard, something this team has lacked at times 
  • If he has any run-ins with law enforcement, we can just cut him no strings attached 
  • He brings a different skill set than the rest of the guards currently on the roster 
  • He knows what it takes to play with Pierce and Garnett 
  • He gives us something to chant at LeBron if we face the Heat in the playoffs 

  • He’s bi-polar and could take a midnight ride on his motorcycle at anytime 
  • Danny Ainge didn’t resign him after he left his last stint in Boston 
  • He’s older now and somewhat injury prone 
  • He’s recently gotten into fights with teammates, Von Wafer and he apparently had some involvement in a player fight when he was with the Mavericks 

There you have it, the top pros and cons I could think of for acquiring Delonte West. I think the pros significantly outweigh the cons because the Celtics could pretty much just release him if it doesn’t work out and there wouldn’t be any significant money/cap ramifications. If you can think of any other pros and cons throw them in the comment section so we can discuss.

 2012-13 Boston Celtics- In West We Trust. 

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