NBA GM: 'Asking price on Cousins is way too high right now'

Kurt Helin had a good update on the ongoing DaMarcus Cousins situation over at NBC Sports. A few interesting things from the article; first, that Kings GM Geoff Petrie flat out said that Cousins was not on the trading block.

You can put that one to rest. He’s not going anywhere. You can lay that to rest. Some of that stuff lives in its own reality.

While this is what a lot of people seem to be focusing on in the article, I disagree that this statement really matters all that much. Petrie is absolutely forced to say Cousins is not on the market, because the moment that Sacramento admits they are willing to move him, their leverage drops dramatically. Honestly, besides in extremely rare circumstances, how often do you hear a GM say, "Gee wiz I'd really like to trade so-and-so". Doesn't happen.

The second interesting thing within Helin's piece is that Joe and Gavin Maloof, the Vegas weirdo's that own the Kings - love Cousins. From the article,

But there are reasons to believe Cousins may not be moved, at least any time soon. That starts with owners Joe and Gavin Maloof — they have been Cousins biggest backers in the organization, it was they that reinstated Cousins after Petrie suspended him for a profanity-laced argument with coach Keith Smart.

The owners love the guy as a franchise centerpiece, you think they are just going to sign off on a trade for him?

I understand the love affair with Cousins game, although after really looking at Cousins stats, the guy has a lot more warts than I thought on the court (A career 43.5% shooter for a big man. Just 41.3% this season - among the worst of any player 6'10" or taller in the association). But you'd think that after two and a half seasons of watching Cousins fail to mature, the Maloofs would be tiring of his act. Apparently not.

Finally, Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio spoke to a GM from an anonymous NBA team, who said that Petrie's claim that Cousins was not available - was false.

The Kings have denied they’re trying to trade center DeMarcus Cousins, a true talent as both a player and a trouble spot. But multiple sources who claim to have taken their calls said that’s not true, that Cousins is actually on the market. The asking price, however, “is way too high right now,” said one opposing GM.

While it's not shocking to see the Kings holding out for a maximum talent return, that should put to rest all of those clamoring for Danny to pull off a trade for Cousins without giving up Bradley or Sullinger. Unless Cousins flat out kills a man at practice, his value is not falling that low. And considering the Maloofs haven't soured on Cousins yet, even that might not get it done.

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