Let us know: Why do you love the NBA?

One question to all the loyal CelticsLife readers.

Why Basketball?

A devoted Celtics fan is not as common in the Boston sports fanbase as one would think. In some ways, we're kind of outsiders.

The Celtics, despite all their recent success, are clearly fourth in the hearts of the majority of Boston's both casual and hardcore sports following. If you were to rank the teams, it'd likely start with the Patriots, have some ordering of the Red Sox or Bruins and then finish with the Celtics.

If it wasn't obvious from overhearing sports conversations in your office, in line at a coffee shop, on the train, etc. around the city, just look at this recent poll taken over the summer.

It was a survey done by Channel Media & Market Research of fans in the New England area.

If you don't have time to look through that survey, here's some questions where the Celtics came up dead last of the big four (NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA).

- In the past 2 years, which of the following teams’ games have you attended in person? (Actually went to the stadium/ballpark)

- If you could only follow ONE of the following teams, which one would it be?

- Which of the following is your favorite sports team?

The fact that Boston fans seem to have such little interest in the most storied and successful franchise in the city's history has long bothered me. Not like I'm getting too worked up about it or anything but I love the sport of basketball. It's hard for me to understand why other devout sports fans don't.

Some of the reasons you often hear are that it doesn't seem like teams try until the fourth quarter, that there is too much scoring, that end of game sequences can take too long. One of the most common complaints is about the officials, how it interrupts the flow of the game and how the physicality is sucked out of it with the ticky tack calls. Some are just bored by the game - which is funny coming from a town that's famous for being so infatuated with the most boring sport in the world, baseball.

To me, there isn't a more exciting sport than basketball. I love the NFL, but no sport can claim to have as many jaw dropping moments per night as the NBA does.

I wanted to reach out to the loyal NBA fanbase at CelticsLife to get your arguments.

Why is the NBA better than any other sport in the world? Why do you watch the team every night? What's your counter to everyone else's gripes with this sport?

Please, let me know in the comments below.