Jose Calderon could still end up in Boston

Jose Calderon was just traded to the Pistons as part of the 3-team Rudy Gay trade. What's interesting about the trade is that the Pistons didn't want Calderon to be their point guard. They were attracted to his expiring contract and the chance to dump Tayshaun Prince's rich deal for a couple more years. If it hasn't been done already, expect Calderon's agent and Pistons GM Joe Dumars to discuss the possibility of a buyout of the remaining millions in Calderon's contract. There a chance that Dumars will want to hold on to Calderon, but in these types of trades, guys get bought out all the time.

Now if Calderon does in fact get bought out that doesn't mean he's Boston bound. Any team wanting a point guard would go after him. But unless (or until) Dumars says he will not consider buying out Calderon, he'll remain a green target of interest. We'll keep you posted.

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Green Target: José Manuel Calderón

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