Get Well Soon, Rajon

Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which, in prosperous circumstances, would have lain dormant.  ~Horace

For all the highs and lows the Celtics have experienced this season, nothing amongst the lows could be lower than losing a teammate to injury.  The team went through that last season with Jeff Green, Chris Wilcox and Avery Bradley yet through all this adversity managed to stay within 12 minutes of an NBA Finals berth.

This year, hopes were high that a healthier and better-stocked roster was ready to overcome the shortfall last May and while a six-game winning streak earlier this month seemed to support that belief, hopes were dashed anew when a six-game losing streak immediately followed it.

And now this.

The C's won the battle with the rival Heat but lost Rondo for the season with a torn ACL.  It seems the team just couldn't catch a break.

But while the loss of the Green's leader may lull others into writing the C's off for the season, all the adversity might actually serve to pull the team together for the homestretch.  It will be no easy feat - for sure - but we've seen this team come through many tough times in the past and we'd like to believe that this could be their finest moment yet.
"Obviously (Rondo's injury) is a blow; it's a huge blow for us," Doc Rivers said to CSNNE following the Miami game.  "When something like this happens, someone will find someone that's already in our locker room that's going to play terrific.   And I have no idea who it is."

Will Doc be finding that "someone" in AB?  Courtney?  JET?  The Blur?  Or even a free agent pick-up/returnee like Delonte West?  Perhaps we'll find The Truth flourishing in a "point-forward" role?  Whoever steps up to the plate - be sure that everybody will be coming through for their leader.

Get well soon, RR!  We're all pulling for you!

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