Celtics Player Grades vs Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons beat the Boston Celtics 103-88
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Player Grades:

Kevin Garnett: 16 Points, 7 Rebounds
Garnett had a decent game tonight, based on his stats, but his defense was pretty bad. Detroit's frontcourt put a beating on him. But it is not entirely his fault. He has no legitimate froncourt partner to help him out when the going gets tough. Garnett looked mortal, but we are depending far too much on a 36-year old veteran.

Brandon Bass:
He looked totally out of his league tonight. His downfall from last season has been tremendous.

Paul Pierce: 10 Points, 8 Rebounds
The stats are very nice and all but Pierce played absolutely ZERO defense tonight. He didn't challenge spot-up shooters whatsoever. He kept losing his man. Pierce did contribute, and he had some decent hustle plays as well, but tonight was just not his night.

Rajon Rondo: 8 Points, 15 Assists, 9 Rebounds
Wow. Rondo had a crazy game tonight. He put up the near triple-double numbers, but also shot 4-16 and had 9 turnovers. His defense was also nothing to write home about. But Rondo was arguably the main reason we came back in the second. Really hard to grade, a lot negatives along with some positives. Tonight was a weird night for him.

Avery Bradley: 6 Points
Avery returned from injured ribs today, and it showed. His touch was not there on offense, and he was overpowered on defense several times. We still have to remember that Avery is undersized for normal shooting guards. But it is not fair to put to much pressure on him coming back from injury.

Jared Sullinger: 7 Points, 7 Rebounds
Did a pretty decent job going up against a big frontline. This is around what he should be expected to give us, but it would be nice if he stopped fouling so much (I'm not a huge proponent of the "refs cheat him" idea).

Jeff Green: 15 Points
Hey look a classic Jeff Green game! Score points when given shots, and do nothing else. Not to say he played badly tonight, cause he didn't. His scoring was needed in the first half when we were trying to stem the wave then come back. But it shows just how low his ceiling is. Jeff will probably never be more than the kind of guy he was in Oklahoma.

Jason Collins:
He has one job on this team, and that is to guard big guys in the post. He got completely dominated in his short time on the court tonight.

Courtney Lee: 16 Points
Courtney was the major reason we were in this game in the first half. He was aggressive, was hitting his shots, and brought some energy. Tonight was above and beyond what was reasonable to expect from him.

Jason Terry:
Jason is doing one of what we brought him here to do.

Leandro Barbosa:
Did his normal garbage time scoring. Does he need more minutes? Debatable.

Boston Celtics: 88 Points, 42 Rebounds, 22 Assists
This loss was troubling. First off the game wasn't as bad as it looked, from a logical standpoint. The Celtics were cold and the Pistons were hot in the first quarter. Not much could have been done. The Celtics outplayed them in the second, and seemed prime for a comeback. But when the going got tough in the third, the team flat out gave up. It had made too many mistakes previously, and they just decided to fold. The defense collapsed and the offense sputtered. The mentality was more troubling than the actual basketball. Nothing left to do but look forward to the next game, at Cleveland on Tuesday.

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