Celtics deny using fake crowd noise

Pump up the volume!

During the telecast last night on TNT, the broadcast team speculated that the Celtics were pumping in fake crowd noise during game. The speculation started with Marv Albert pretty much guaranteeing that’s what was happening, and then Steve Kerr went on to talk about how Seattle did it during the NBA finals when he was playing for the Bulls. Hearing it live on the air as they discussed it for a solid 4 minutes without commentating what was happening on the court, I thought it was absolutely stupid and they had no basis for even saying it. I have never heard of this before being done at the Garden, at all… ever.

Not until Forsberg talked about it in his rapid reaction  on the world wide leader did this reach a whole new level for me:
And if the Cheerios crackdown wasn't enough, the Celtics bizarrely responded to a comment made on TNT's national broadcast suggesting the arena piped in fake noise. The Celtics tweeted: "Regarding comments on tonight's @NBAonTNT broadcast, the @Celtics have never used artificial crowd noise."

I think it’s literally absolutely ridiculous to even throw that out there on live television, NEVERMIND THE CELTICS TWEETING OUT SAYING ITS NOT TRUE. I’ve been to countless games at the Garden and never once thought it was fake noise. I mean granted it was pretty sketchy that the jumbo-tron noise meter always reached “Old Garden” regardless if they were playing the woeful Bobcats.

But seriously who cares? If it helps get the fans off of sitting on their hands, why does it matter? Some teams play music the entire time during live play, how is that any different? This is such a non-story to me that I needed to rant about the Celtics tweeting out that it’s not true. For the record I don't believe this accusation is true at all. Back before the 'New Big Three' era they definitely DID NOT pump in noise, that place sounded like a library when we were losing. Maybe they should pump some fake crowd noise into Gillette; the Razor definitely needs it more than the Garden.

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