Boston Celtics reportedly even more interested in J.J. Redick

With the Celtics struggling to shoot three-pointers this year due to the loss of Ray Allen, they're apparently considering adding a shooter.

J.J. Redick is currently shooting 39.8% from three-point range, a higher clip than any member of the Celtics. The closest Celtic is Paul Pierce with 36% from beyond the arch. As a team, Boston is shooting 33.4% from three which is the lowest they've been since the 2002-03 season.

CelticsLife first posted on the Celtics interest last weekend.

The move would be a bit controversial among Celtics fans, I've personally always liked Redick. The Celtics have not really had an outside shooting threat all year. Redick would be a minor move - it's not like he's an all-star - and it's arguable whether he's an upgrade over some of the role players the Celtics currently have. Still, it's hard to ignore the fact that the Celtics pieces do not fit so a switch like this might be worth a shot.