Afternoon Delight: Austin and His Fazha (Father)

So it looks to be a shaggadelic affair tonight when son finally meets father as the Hornets visit the C's.  The Rivers' reunion is only the fourth such father-son matchup in the NBA since the '70s and it should prove to be a unique encounter.
"This is just a strange thing. It doesn't happen often obviously," Doc said in a recent USA Today interview. "As father, it's nice. It's nice to see him. The only drawback of him being in the NBA, I haven't been to a game, and I miss that a little bit."

Doc has been a long-time supporter of Austin's basketball career - dating back to Austin's high school days in Winter Park - but this could possibly be the first time he roots against his son as Doc looks to steer the Celtics to a seventh straight victory.  Sorry Austin - we love you - but we love the C's more so tonight you and the Hornets will just have to turn off your mojo and behave!  Yeah baby, yeah!

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