Act II: Courtney Lee vehemently denies Zach Lowe report

Well, of course no one expected Courtney Lee to say "Zach Lowe and his back channels are right, I was really unhappy and now I'm quite happy that things will change." That never happens in the NBA. Courtney Lee could have chosen to ignore this rumor, or shoot back; and he did the latter which is only normal because the situation revolves around a serious injury.

Zach Lowe responded quickly, and a bit weirdly.

What does that last sentence imply? I frankly don't know. Did Lowe say something he wasn't supposed to in the beginning? Maybe. Did he just blurt his accurate but unfounded assumption out in the middle of a conversation? Maybe. He's a quite knowledgeable guy, and given Terry, Bass, Barbosa and Ray Allen's reactions in the past, Lee being unhappy would make total sense anyways.

Well, let's see where the conversation goes from here. Please drop your two cents in the comments section.

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