A Celtic by any other name

Boston has always had a history of having at least one future hall-of-fame player on their roster.  Now that Pierce and Garnett are at the end of their NBA career, the Celtics as a franchise are looking to remain relevant.  The loss of Rajon Rondo makes it that much more difficult to see who on the roster will stand-up and say "I am a Celtic."

We already know that the Jason E. Terry experiment is not working as well as they planned and the injury to Chris Wilcox strains an already weak front-court.  The logical choice here is Jeff Green who constantly teases us with his over the top dunks.

Last night saw more of what Uncle Jeff could bring to a green team that is desperately searching for someone to step up their game.  Kevin Garnett understands that it is a frustrating process; Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald's KG quote shows as much:

“We’re working hard,” Garnett said. “We’re trying to work our way out of this funk. And no one’s going to walk through these doors and save us. We have to save ourselves.

Where is Rick Pitino when you need him now?

The Celtics have many holes to plug and getting another perimeter player is not the answer. This may be a blessing in disguise and Danny may yet pull a Celtic out of his hat before or at the trading deadline.  Giving Sullinger and Green increased playing-time gave the team a boost; which  is making it apparent that Bass is becoming an afterthought.

If the team is looking for point-guard help there is a seldom used guard, who is younger than Toronto's Kyle Lowry that can help.  Eric Maynor of the Oklahoma Thunder has  shown in the past that he can run a team filled with superstars.  He can never replace Rondo, but he maybe the closest thing that they can get on the open market.

On the other hand this maybe the kind of underdog stuff that can cause Doc Rivers to reinvent himself, dust of his otherwise seldom used motivational tactics and prove once and for all that he puts team first irregardless of veteran status.