4 reasons to dismiss many trade rumors: A fan's guide to survival

Here we go again. The Celtics have waived two players, which means they have positioned themselves not just for picking up free agents but also a trade that involves multiple players. This move came at a time when the rumor mill has just stopped spinning following two undebatably great performances against top 4 teams in the East. Celtics nation would have welcomed all those trade rumors like a week ago, but now that it looks like we're getting it together with the return of Bradley, those rumors will surely hurt. Yet, most of your concern is probably unfounded, and here's why:

Run-DMC say they like the Celtics, wait what? PUBLISH IT NOW!
1. Media will spread even the slightest rumor because it generates hits: How many DeMarcus Cousins related articles have you come across recently? Plenty, right? Yet when Sherrod Blakely added some more fuel to that fire, we have all clicked on that link to read what new development could have occurred. There wasn't any real substance to it, in fact, it is quite unlikely given the Celtics' lack of chips, Maloof's rumored disinterest, other teams' possibly outdoing our camp's offer etc. but any blog can keep on posting any article that somehow involves DMC in the title and it will be the most popular one.

That's why there will always be rumors. Remember that Gasol-Rondo trade rumor from last year? It was probably never discussed in any seriousness between the two parties, yet it came up again and again. It was probably some guy thinking out loud and boom goes "source says." That source could be the player or his agent even just to get his value up/down *coughdwighthowardcough*.

Trade rumors are like reality shows, the crazier they get, the more interest they generate. Hence the abundance. You don't need to watch the whole show, the "previously" and "next week" sections should suffice.

2. Danny Ainge might be a risk-taker, but he's not a mindless one: After the trade that went down in 2011 Ainge has gained notoriety in being a "fearless trigger puller." Yes, the trade that he made was no doubt a humongous one, yet it was a well-reasoned one, though not necessarily well-thought. Let me clarify: Ainge knew that he needed to back Pierce up after Daniels went down with a serious injury. He thought of whom to sacrifice, and given the team's performance without Perkins and the upcoming contract situation, he chose him, thinking he could get something big in return. He didn't expand the Center just because, he did it thinking that either O'Neal, but especially Shaq would return and play. We all know what happened next.

Look at last year. Ainge could have blown the team up, but he didn't. The only trade that almost happened was Ray Allen for Mayo. Looking back now, who wouldn't have done that trade? Wouldn't that have helped the team?

Yes, Ainge can become a little stingy at times and not cave into contract demands, but that's a whole lotta different story than making trades. He won't just give up his assets for an unfounded risk. For example, he won't give up Bradley, whose return has undoubtedly helped the team, without fully observing the team's performance in the upcoming month. He won't make any trades in near future.

3. History: Remember last year? We had a trade scenario coming up almost every day. Most revolved around the notion that the Celtics had to blow the team up.

What happened? Nothing. Yes, we've added Ryan Hollins who has played many minutes and has offered us great blooper reel material, but that was it.

Now go back to 2011. A relatively silent year in terms of rumors. Then came the blockbuster.

When teams are seriously considering trades, the rumors will come from very respected journalists and insiders, and they will come at most 24 hours before the trade finalizes. Any talk before that will with 90% chance be baseless rumors or talk to change a player's value. Yes, GMs inquire about many players all the time, that's their job, but when stuff gets real, they will not be loudmouths unless the negotiations are proceeding in a direction they don't like.

4. Factchecking: Last night, two rumors shook the Twitterverse. One said that Ainge was pulling a deal that brought Cousins to the Celtics by Sunday night, but it wasn't clear who said it first and thus had to be disregarded. But still, that's acceptable. The other, though, was so ridiculous that I don't know why people even considered it seriously. This was the proposed trade:

Cousins and Garcia to Celtics, Sullinger, Terry, Bradley, Gasol, picks to Kings, Thornton, Brooks, Hayes, Robinson to Lakers.

For that trade to happen Ainge needs to be drugged or something, obviously, but besides that there are two very factual reasons for its impossibility: One, the Lakers cannot have 18 players on their roster and two, it fails on Trade Machine. Yes, the Lakers have pulled miracle trades in the past, but that would have been something.
So yes, Celtics nation, until the trade deadline passes we'll continue to hear many rumors I'm sure, but brace yourselves. If this team continues to play well now that the true starters are back, the expendable parts will be the usual suspects, not Bradley, KG or Rondo.