Wilcox happy for team despite DNP; Green possibly not as much

Doc Rivers has changed his rotations this week. Two players impacted have been Chris Wilcox and Jeff Green. Wilcox registered a DNP last night as Doc gave Jason Collins the starting center role. Doc seems to have listened to me and has started using Green almost exclusively as the backup small forward the past two games. For one reason or another Green can not defend 4's and is a putrid rebounder. He could very well become a good small forward, but the Celtics already have a star there.

Wilcox had the following to say after his DNP:
"We went with JC tonight," Wilcox said of Collins. "JC, he had a great game. Sully, B. Bass did too. We won, so he (Doc Rivers) doesn't have to say anything to me."

Professional and team first on Wilcox's part. I like it. Now I couldn't find quotes from Green after the game and I'm sure he was happy for his teammates, but the reduced playing time might be getting to him as witnessed by the following tweet he posted after the game:
Before any Green fan boys get their panties in a bunch, I'll preface this by saying that Green could very well be talking about something other than basketball. If it's something more serious than I seriously hope all is ok. But athletes often turn to Twitter to express their frustrations with lack of playing time. It was just about a year ago that Avery Bradley tweeted "FML" after Doc temporarily replaced him in the rotation with E'Twaun Moore.

For the record, Doc had this to say this morning on WEEI:
It also takes time for us as a staff to figure out the right combination. Not just the rotation, but the right group of guys who should play every night and the right group of guys who can stay consistent every night, and I think we're still searching for that.

We're just not consistent enough. As a team, we're not consistent enough. Every night there are one or two guys who don't do their jobs."

Rivers was asked about the continued lack of consistency from Jeff Green. Green, who is averaging 9.4 points and three rebounds in 22.5 minutes per game, scored just three points in 14 minutes while finishing with a minus-17 when on the floor. The forward is a combined 2-for-10 from the floor in the past two games.

"We see up and down from Jeff," Rivers said. "Jeff has to go get it if he wants it. I still think at times he waits for us to make a call for him. Where we need Jeff … The scoring is one thing and to me that will be hit and miss. There will be nights he scores well, and there will be nights he struggles. Where we really need Jeff is doing everything else, rebounding, running the floor, getting energy points. And that's what we're working with him and talking to him about.

After picking up only 3 rebounds in over 31 minutes vs. the Spurs, Green has had the following two performances: 3 points and 1 rebound in 20 minutes vs the Bulls and 3 points and 1 rebound in 14 minutes vs. the Cavs last night.

Green and Wilcox are both great stories due to their comebacks from heart surgeries. While Green got the $36 million dollar payday, Chris Wilcox had to settle for the veteran's minimum. Both could help this team. I'm sure Wilcox's number will be called again and he'll be ready. As for Green, I'd suggest he worry less about minutes and scoring and start doing the other things that make your team a winner. Set more picks. Grab more rebounds. If Pierce can grab 8 rebounds and Rondo double digits from time to time, the bigger Green should be able to grab his. At a minimum Green could be a nice offensive spark off the bench at the 3 position. If he wants to have a larger role, he needs to do more. Time for Uncle Jeff (and his fans) to stop making excuses and for Green to man up. Do what you need to do while on the court to earn more minutes. Your contract shouldn't guarantee you big minutes. Your effort should.