Celtics have strong interest in Anderson Varejao

Sam Amico via Sulia
The Celtics, ranked 29th in rebounding, do have a strong interest in Cavs' Anderson Varejao, but the question is what could Celtics offer that the Cavs would want? (And don't say Jared Sullinger. Cavs didn't have an interest in him on draft night and likely still don't.) That's the trouble with trading Varejao. Teams with a strong interest don't really have the assets to offer.

Well first of all... duh. Of course the Celtics have strong interest. We royally suck at rebounding and Anderson Varejao is the league's best rebounder (at least this season). Amico goes on to speculate that the Thunder are the only contender that has the high draft pick (They own a Raptors lottery pick) and young players to make a deal work. For the Celtics to have a shot at Varejao, my guess is they'd have to part with Avery Bradley, which might be too tough a pill to swallow.

The Cavs want no part of Brandon Bass or Jeff Green and their contracts. Lee wouldn't do much for them either. Hypothetically Ainge could try and pull off a 3 way to a team high on Jared Sullinger and toss in a couple picks, but that offer would probably be topped by someone. Ainge is wise to keep checking in on centers like Varejao and Marcin Gortat. Would have been nice to sign a decent center in the offseason, but maybe Ainge thought he could parlay some of his Summer signing in a trade during the season for a center. Unfortunately all of those guys have zero to negative trade value right now.

In an utopian world, a starting 5 of Rondo, Bradley, Pierce, KG, and Varejao would be VERY hard to beat. What are your thoughts?

Credit JHB for the find.