What happened to the Celtics "depth?"

Sullinger didn't make a field goal.
Yesterday in Chicago the Bulls reserves outscored the Celtics substitutes 37-16.  In fact, Nate Robinson of all people (18 points) outdid the Boston bench all by himself.  Neither of these stats would be so bad if the C's starters had logged a heavy workload, but that was not the case.

The Big 3 all played less than their season averages.  The backups had more than their fair share of opportunity to contribute.  Jason Terry scored 2 points in 26 minutes, Jeff Green only 3 in 20, and Jared Sullinger just a single point in 16 minutes of action.  The Celtics subs shot 21.7% (5-23) from the floor last night; the main culprits Green, Sullinger and Leandro Barbosa combined for a putrid 2 of 18 (11%).

While a performance this bad is an anomaly, I believe it is an indication of one of the C's major deficiencies at the moment.  Boston doesn't have any big scorers in their lineup, the only way they can be successful is to get consistent offensive contributions across the board.  Their strength is supposed to be their depth, and last night it was non-existent.

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