Rumor: Celtics may make another run at Tyreke Evans

ESPN's Chad Ford is speculating that Danny Ainge and the Celtics could make a run at out of favor Sacramento King Tyreke Evans.
The Kings are a mess and Evans' style of play doesn't help things, and, again, his stock is so low, I'm not sure what the value will be. One team to watch is the Celtics -- Danny Ainge loved him before the draft. I'm not sure Boston has the assets to get a deal done, but I could see them trying to make something happen.

Tyreke is a talent, but the biggest red flag here is that he's another 2 guard and the Celtics are a team full of 2 guards. Ainge was rumored to have tried to trade Rajon Rondo to move up to draft Evans a few years back, so Ford is correct to mention the Celtics as a possible suitor. Tyreke's best season was his rookie year, which is never a good sign (See Eric Montross). My guess is that the Kings would ask for Avery Bradley (which the Celtics shouldn't do) or Jared Sullinger (which would only make sense as part of a larger deal possibly including Jason Thompson).

The Kings would be wise to break up their floundering core. Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins are both knuckleheads and it's hard to win with one those type of guys leading your team, let alone two. One thing about Ainge is he's a gambler, so don't dismiss this rumor as impossible. I'm sure Ainge has already placed a call to the Kings to see what their asking price is (Any GM worth his salt is constantly placing calls like this).

What would you trade for Tyreke (try to make it somewhat realistic)? Or do you have zero desire to see Evans in Boston?

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