Rondo says he could've played quarterback in the NFL, stops short of saying he'd be as good as Brady

With the entire region still flying high after the Patriots evisceration of the Texans on Monday night football, it's no surprise that the Pats became a big time talking point at Celtics practice today. First, we found out that not only was Doc Rivers on the sideline with Bill Belichick, but he actually sat in on the pre-game war room meeting, per Mark Murphy's twitter.

Gotta love that two of the greatest coaches in the history of this city seem to have formed quite a bond over the years. As for what Doc took from the experience, he loves the way the entire Pats organization approaches their business, per Scott Souza.

But Doc's big time coach crush on Belichick was hardly the only Pats related storyline from the Celtics today, no, Rajon Rondo one upped his coach by declaring, rather emphatically, that basketball is not the only sport he could've gone pro in. Not surprisingly, twitter nearly exploded. Here's just a sampling of the best of Rondo from today.

Per Souza, on making it to the NFL,

On when he realized basketball was the right choice (thank God),

Ok so #9 thinks he could sling it at the NFL level, but how good could he have been? When asked if he has Brady caliber skills, he answered with this (per Ben Rohrbach),

Well it's good to know that Rondo understands his limitations at least.

As for a potential meeting of the minds between Rondo and Brady - apparently that has not happened, but not for lack of trying on Rondo's part.

So in review: Rivers loves Belichick, Rondo could've been in the NFL but Brady is still better, Rondo wanted TB12's autograph, and we're all very lucky that Rondo chose basketball over football and Brady chose football over baseball (he was drafted by the Montreal Expos as a catcher). Got all that?

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