Robert Parish is selling another championship ring

Back in June we posted that Robert Parish was auctioning off his 1981 championship ring. Well the Chief has just added his 1986 championship ring to the auction block. If you click on the first link you'll see that the two pictures of Parish were taken at the same time, so it's not like he sold the one ring and then 6 months later decided he wanted/needed to sell the other. I'm not sure if he's sold his 1984 championship ring or plans to, but if anyone has any info on this feel free to email us.

I think the natural reaction by many is that this is kind of messed up. I doubt Parish needs the dough, so my guess is he just doesn't care about mementos that much. Personally he can do whatever he likes in my book. I won't think less of him. Am I correct to think that the ring would have only gone up in value as years passed? Would be interesting to find out the motives behind these sales. What are your thoughts?

Thanks Marco for the tip.