My first Boston Celtics' Game Gone Wrong

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Disappointing, disgrace, upsetting. That is exactly how I felt going to my first Boston Celtics' game last night. I was really excited to go, and when I first bought the ticket in October, I thought it would be a guaranteed win, but I was totally wrong. I first met Paul Pierce in 2002, giving away signed autographs of his game "NBA Inside Drive 2003", and I fell in love with the player. He was the first player I truly liked since Michael Jordan, and I played him and the Celtics countless amount of times in that game. Ten years later, I finally got to see my boy play, but it was an embarrassment.

Other then seeing fellow boy and fellow writer Edwin, this NBA game was a joke. Here are the main reasons why my black ass is pissed:

1. Rajon Rondo hurt? Are you serious? He all of the sudden had a bruised hip? He had two days off since his last game, and we lost by almost thirty points, how can he hurt himself in that game?

2. Paul Pierce is not a number one option anymore. I am sorry, he needs help, yes last week he had some big games against sub-par teams, but I think we need a better scorer up with Paul Peezy, he should not be carrying the load every night on offense. Also, is he playing at 100 percent, injury free? I doubt it.

3. Our bench stinks. Face it, the last two teams we have played did not get as much praise this off season for assembling their bench as much as we had but yet their benches are good and our teams' sucked. Our collection of players don't mix.

4. Our great defense is gone. It vanished after years of dependency, and I don't think we will get it back. Avery Bradley can not be the answer or savior to letting the Warriors score 101 points, I just think our team just can not defend like it used too.

Finally, we need a trade, something to shake up this team and wake them up, something to jump start them, Paul Pierce trade rumors, KG calling players out, something to jump-start them. If we are playing .500 ball by All-star break, I hope we do a trade, so disappointed.

Now I got Warrior and Laker' fans hitting me up and talking shit to me, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Boston Celtics you failed me yesterday.

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