Green Envy: What 76ers Fans Said - 12/8

The Celtics came up with a big win tonight, 92-79 over the Philadelphia 76ers. The teams have played 3 times in the first 20 games, and Boston is definitely starting to get under the 76ers fans' skin. After giving up a huge early lead, Philly fans quickly begin hating on the Celtics and ripping the referees. They grew particularly frustrated with KG. If I've learned one thing though, these guys really love Evan Turner.

Top 3:

i think i would like to see Turner punch Rondo

Heinsohn, I see no one has stabbed you in the throat yet.

paul pierce should've been a Sixer. thank you larry brown

Player of the Game:

Evan has subscribed to the Paul Pierce method of screaming like a little b!tch on contact to grab the ref's attention.

Turner, hybrid between Jordan and Magic Johnson.

there is a legit chance that Evan Turner gets in a fight with someone from Boston tonight

Turner's a f'n animal!

Evan Turner is a vampire, and ate Dorrell Wrights 3 point shooting.

Least Valuable Player: Jason Richardson

you get 4 minutes of Jason richardson athleticism a nigh.

we're gonna get 10 seconds of 2008 richardson and then he has to take 3 games off.

JRich... Bitch

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Turner is going to torch Peirce.

Always a good game when we play them. I can't wait.

So much hate for our team on the Boston forum lol. We must really get under their skin.

Mediocrity is our strength. We like to play to our strengths.

Hahaha, I can't even blame Thad. Who would want to bang wit Brandon Bass??

Uh oh. Clear outs for Turner.

This team is built to be blown up.

This is an embarrassment.

A couple more inches and i would have been a porn star...

Rondo has eight rebounds somehow...

I swear Thad has already lost the weight he gained...his legs are so scrawny. /says the bodybuilder than I am.

**** KG and that moving screen

i feel better about the sixers chances of winning this game with jeff green on the bench

Can we make a request to David Stern to play the Celtics for 82 games? This way ET will surely be the regular season MVP.

Celtics D is really good

I'll put it this way, if Hawes punches KG in the face in 2nd half, all we be forgiven. What I would give to see that. 


Is Jeff Green really that good? 

Nope, we're just playing horrible D


Ok guys, I just came home and I'm are we playing?

stfu KG

Lol god, I hate Spencer Hawes so much. So useless. Waste of 7'0". How you gonna be that tall and so utterly inept at rebounding? And when KG gets in your face could you stop looking down like a little ***** and look the guy in the eyes? So ****ing soft.

how can the league let these shtty refs get away with these terrible calls

That's such a Sixers basket right there. I'll take it, but that was vintage Sixers of the past 10 years.

yeah its the refs who play bad defense,not taking defensive rebounds and take terrible shots get real, the team play like ****

KG is so far past his prime... He's a straight up jump shooter now.

This is some biased officiating. Not making an excuse, because we are getting flat out outplayed, but these officials are clearly calling a one-sided game.... and its disgusting how obvious it is.

Our bigs are booty juice. Teams don't even have to acknowledge them.

god our bigs are so dumb. Why respect Kg's drive? this is not 2004

KG keep on making those long jumpers, what can you do...

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