Free Jared Sullinger and Start Him Now

We need to start Jared Sullinger now! I am sorry but after seeing a little glimpse of him yesterday morning, I realized the best gift the Boston Celtics can give me is to start him. Few reasons why we should start him,

1. He is active! I am not a big plus/minus or per 36 minutes guy, but he is the best on the Celtics with rebounding per 36 minutes. We need rebounding in the worst way. Is is great around the basket and can actually get us offensive rebounds. Bass and Collins both don't have the same motor to rebound like Sully does. While KG is not just a solid rebounder at this stage of his career, we should have a better rebounder next to him.

2. He can score, put him down on the low block and let him do his thing. He is not as big as the other power forwards but he can use his body very well and get to the basket. With Bass struggling of late and Collins never having an offensive game, maybe starting Sullinger will help us offensively. Also, he is a great passer for a big man, will be able to make the pass out of the post.

3. Who would you rather start, him or Collins? Point proven.

4. Playing next to KG will game him valuable learning lessons and teachings. He will get experience that will help him as a player. Since we he will playing against other starting lineups, he will be able to learn from his mistakes and become a better player. A Rondo, Bradley, Pierce, Sullinger, Garnett starting five is not the worst starting five.

5. Finally if you don't like any of my reasons, here's this one: Showcase him for trade bait. Hear me out, he plays well enough to get some attention, we package him and Jeff Green's contract for Demarcus Cousins and John Salmons contract. Just saying! (yes I am on Demarcus Cousins to the Celtics bandwagon but come on, him next to KG, WOW!)

Comment, rant, agree, disagree, Love ya'll!

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