Doc says Avery Bradley might play Christmas Day

Who's been saying all along that that January 2nd date was nonsense and AB was debuting this season on Christmas Day? Oh yeah that was me. Besides all of you, you know who else is super excited to see the return of the Game Changer?

Rajon Rondo:
“We’re going to be a completely different team, just with one player coming back.”

“I think (Bradley is) the X Factor. He’s going to be the key to why we win the championship. He brings a lot to the team in terms of intangibles, the way he cuts offensively. His pressure defensively is going to raise everyone else’s pressure. His defense is going to make us a lot better.”

“It takes a lot of pressure off of me,” he said. “I won’t have to go through 50 pick-and-rolls a game. Maybe it will be 25 now. We can switch him over to pressure the ball, and I can play the passing lanes, which I do best anyway. I think I’ll be able to rebound better, and I won’t be as tired coming off those pick-and-rolls. Getting bumped, getting hit by those bigs, and having it take a toll on my body the entire game can be tough.

“I think it’s going to help me a lot. He can play the point, too.”

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