Danny Ainge talks Fab Melo and Avery Bradley's return

I agree with Danny Ainge on taking things slowly with Fab Melo. He's better off right now getting big minutes up in Maine than riding the pine or getting spot minutes on the Celtics. And there's a HUGE difference between playing well in the D-League with their lack of centers and playing well in the best league on earth.  Big number games for Melo in Maine will only help his confidence.

Regarding Avery Bradley, targets dates are cute and all, but it appears that he's 100% healthy and playing well in practice, so I don't think it would have been a bad thing to play him on this trip. Now if you told me his shoulders weren't 100% then I'd definitely say yes don't rush him. Regardless it won't kill the Celtics to take things slowly with Bradley either. It will give Jason Terry and Courtney Lee more time to mesh with their new team.

The Celtics have been playing down to their competition for years now. It really is frustrating. It's one big difference between the Celtics and Spurs. Popovich is able to give his stars nights off from time to time because the team doesn't take nights off versus crap teams. Doc doesn't have that luxury, because every game the Celtics play it seems could go either way. Would be nice to see this trend change, but I've sort of come to terms it is what it is. As long as they bring 100% effort come playoff time, which they generally do.

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