C's don't really have a scorer lately. Is that a problem?

Does someone else need to start scoring?
After the Celtics 95-94 OT loss in Philly a little over a week ago, Magic Johnson said something on the ESPN post-game show that has stuck with me.  Magic stated that in order for Boston to contend, Rajon Rondo was going to have to score 20-25 points a game.  While I don't believe Rondo is about to be that guy, I am starting to wonder if Magic might be right.

Heading into that night Boston had gone 4 straight games without a 20 point scorer, the first time the franchise had done that since November of 2003.  Paul Pierce put up 27 in the overtime defeat that evening.  Since then a Celtics player has reached the 20 point plateau just once, Pierce again (34) in the 117-115 double OT victory over Dallas.  Amazingly you have to go back 11 games and 24 days to find the last time a Boston player scored 20 in a non-overtime contest (Pierce's 27 in the 108-100 win over OKC on November 23rd).

To be fair Pierce did top 20 points in regulation against both Philly and Dallas, but it's still just 2 out of the last 9 games that a Celtic has scored 20 or more.  Boston is 4-5 during that stretch.  Whether or not this trend continues, and how much it adversely effects the team still remains to be seen.  Regardless, it's definitely not a sign of encouragement.

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